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The Mat program requires a student to successfully complete both Mat I and Mat II modules. Teaching, and observation hours are required to complete the program


This covers all Reformer work. For successful completion candidates will need: Mat I and Mat II; Reformer I, II, III, teaching and observation hours along with anatomy are required to complete the program


Apparatus I,II & III covers a repertoire of Tower, Barrels, Chairs and Trapeze Table. Teaching and observations hours along with anatomy are required to complete the program


 STARTS MAY 31, 2019



Becoming a Pilates instructor takes time and effort. Balanced Body has designed our world renowned program to make the process easy to understand, flexible and affordable.


Modules are taken in sequence to complete the Mat, Reformer or Comprehensive Pilates training program. You can take the modules individually, and depending on your goals, you can take as long as you need to complete the program.


Every module includes a certificate of completion for that course. The module certificates establish you as a Balanced Body student teacher. Additional personal practice, observation and student teaching hours are required to become a fully qualified Balanced Body Pilates Instructor.



The three levels of Pilates Instructor training within Balanced Body are:

» Mat Instructor

» Reformer Instructor (includes Mat)

» Comprehensive Pilates Instructor (Includes: Cadillac, Tower, Chair and Barrels)




To be the best Pilates instructor possible, personal practice with Pilates, experience teaching movement and a solid foundation in Anatomy are essential. The minimum prerequisites for each program are as follows:


Mat Instructor Training

» 20 Pilates Mat classes

» Anatomy is highly recommended


Reformer and Comprehensive Instructor Training

» Pilates Mat instructor training

» 30 Reformer or Apparatus based sessions

» Successful completion of the Anatomy requirement prior to test out




Pilates Instructor Training Videos are delivered as both DVD and streaming video and are included with every Balanced Body Pilates training module*. As valuable additions to your library, use them to review exercises, refresh your understanding of the fine points and create new programs for your clients.



Strongly recommended for Mat. Required for equipment training unless you have already taken anatomy.


A Balanced Body Approved Course provides an introduction to the key elements of the musculoskeletal system including the bones, joint structure and function, and the primary muscles involved in movement. Some of our Balanced Body Master Instructors offer an approved anatomy course specifically geared toward Pilates and movement teachers and includes practical exercises on the functions of the muscles and joints allowing you to embody the information more effectively. Bodyline offers an improved course call "At Anatomy for Pilates Instructors"


To fulfill your anatomy requirement, you can:

» Satisfactorily complete an approved Balanced Body anatomy course or equivalent. Check our Education Finder® for approved course offerings.

» Show proof of college level anatomy course or equivalent

» Have a Bachelor’s degree or higher in physical therapy, athletic training, kinesiology, biomechanics, dance, physical education or a related field.



To become a fully qualified Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates Instructor, students must complete the following requirements:


» Balanced Body Mat Instructor training or equivalent (102 hours)*

» Balanced Body Reformer Instructor training (198 hours)

» Balanced Body Trapeze Table/Cadillac (or Tower) course work and tests (18 hours)

» Balanced Body Chair course work and tests (14 hours)

» Balanced Body Barrels course work and tests (6 hours) OR

» Apparatus 1, 2 and 3 course work and tests

» 45 Personal sessions and 105 teaching hours OR

» 35 Personal sessions, 20 observation hours and 95 teaching hours

» Final written and practical test (Anatomy is required prior to test out)


Total hours for completion of Trapeze Table/Cadillac (or Tower), Chair and Barrels: 188 hours (not including anatomy).


Total hours for completion of full program: 488 hours.


Students can count any classes or Pilates personal training sessions they have already taken. Developing and committing to a personal Pilates practice is an essential part of becoming an effective and inspiring instructor.



Observation hours include watching experienced instructors teach group class or private sessions in person, online or watching the Instructor training videos. Observation is a great way to understand verbal and manual cueing, program sequencing and to hone your teaching skills.



Teaching hours include any Pilates teaching either as an employee at a fitness center or studio or for family and friends.

Balanced Body® Pilates Final Exam


Once you have completed all required Mat, Reformer and/or Apparatus course work and hours, you must pass a written and practical exam demonstrating your teaching ability.


Exams are regularly scheduled at Balanced Body Authorized Training Centers and at trade shows and conferences in different parts of the world. If you are not able to test out due to geographical challenges, testing out by video may be arranged. Students completing only the Mat program can test out after Mat. Students completing Reformer can test out after Mat and Reformer. Students completing the full program will test out after completing all of the modules and additional hours must be completed before scheduling a test out.


Once you have completed all hours and are ready to test out, fill out and send the test out application available at to the Balanced Body office. Balanced Body reviews your records, approves a test out and sends specific details to you.


The Balanced Body exam consists of a written exam and a practical exam. The practical is an observation of a session with a client or a class. During the exam your teaching skills will be evaluated in the following areas: » Correct set-up and execution of the exercises » Client safety » Appropriate sequencing » Appropriateness of the exercises to the client or class » Understanding and application of the principles » Cueing and the ability to communicate with your client or class If you do not pass on the first try, Balanced Body will discuss what you need to focus on in order to pass and set up a time line for completion.



The written exam is a combination of multiple choice, short answer questions and an essay. The written exam covers exercise progressions, programming, appropriateness, organization, equipment setup & maintenance, special population & safety protocols.



A fee is charged for final test-out. Test outs are available by appointment at Balanced Body Authorized Training Centers and Pilates on Tour conferences, or we can send an instructor to your facility. Video test out options are available if no other test out option exists.


The amount of the fee depends on the location of the test and on the number of students attending. Upon completion of all requirements, a certificate of completion as a Balanced Body Mat, Reformer, or comprehensive Pilates Instructor will be issued.


Our curriculum meets national guidelines and is designed to prepare you for the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) certification exam, which can be taken upon completion of the full program.



Sixteen hours of continuing education every 2 years are required to maintain your status as a fully qualified Balanced Body Pilates instructor. Continuing education credits can be earned through workshops from Balanced Body or any of our affiliated educators or approved continuing education providers.



All published prices for Balanced Body courses include the course fee and materials only. The cost of personal sessions and any costs associated with completing observation and student teaching hours are not included in the cost of the training program and are the responsibility of the student. Successful completion of the program does not guarantee employment



If you would like to be a Balanced Body Pilates instructor but have completed some or all of your training through another Pilates educator, you may be eligible for the Balanced Body Bridge program. For an application and more information, please visit or contact us at (800) PILATES (800-745-2837). Balanced Body reserves the right to change requirements at any time.