Maria Leone

Pilates Master Instructor and Owner of Bodyline Pilates in Beverly Hills, Maria Leone

Maria Leone, owner of Bodyline Pilates and Master instructor for Balanced Body, is the driving force behind Bodyline. She has been teaching Pilates since 1989 and training teachers for well over a decade. 

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Jessica Wallraff

Jessica Wallraff, Balanced Body Pilates Instructor

Jessica Wallraff comes to Pilates by way of an international ballet career. During her eleven year dance career, Jessie was a featured performer in the Royal Ballet of Flanders in Belgium, The Hamburg Ballet in Germany, and Le Ballet Theatre Francais de Nancy, where she danced with ballet legend Rudolf Nureyev. 

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Donna Otten

Donna Otten, Balanced Body Pilates Instructor

Donna Otten started her career as a portrait photographer, graduating with a degree in Photography, working and mentoring with some of the worlds most accomplished photographers. In 2001 Donna was involved in a debilitating car accident that left her with multiple complex injuries. Learn More>

Hannah Feldner-Shaw

Hannah Feldner-Shaw, Balanced Body Pilates Instructor

Hannah Feldner-Shaw comes from a professional dance background. She has toured the world and danced in film and television. She started teaching In 2011. First she taught Barre classes but soon added Pilates to her repertoire. Hannah is certified by Balanced Body and was trained in Pilates by Maria Leone.

Petia Botcheva

Petia Botcheva, Balanced Body Pilates Instructor

Petia Botcheva opened Body Temple Studio, one of the first Pilates studios in China. She has studied Traditional Oriental Medicine and various holistic body methods such as Shiatsu, Reiki, Tai Qi, and medical Qigong.

Stephanie Spanski-Mor

Stephanie Spanski, Balanced Body Pilates Instructor

Stephanie Spanski-Mor has spent the last 13 years working as a professional dancer and teacher. Notable performances include the Grammys and Dancing With the Stars. Stephanie is certified by Balanced Body and was trained in Pilates by Maria Leone.

Marcie Jurbina

Marcie Jurbina, Balanced Body Pilates Instructor

Marcie Jurbina is certified by Balanced Body, trained by Maria Leone. Marcie is also a certified GYROTONIC Instructor, with additional certifications in therapeutic applications.

Nicky Lal

Nicky Cassinera, Studio Manager and Balanced Body Pilates Instructor

Nicky is Bodyline's Studio Manager and  has a Comprehensive Teaching Certificate from Balanced Body and was trained at Bodyline Pilates. Nicky is a Miami transplant who after years of working in Los Angeles as a graphic designer, decided to change her career and pursue her passion in Pilates. She brings her high energy to all of her sessions.

Meghan Crowe

Meghan Crowe, Balanced Body Pilates Instructor

Meghan graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in New York where she majored in Dance. She performed as a Modern dancer in New York and San Francisco for ten years until she relocated to Los Angeles where she taught barre and ballet until she fell in love with pilates. Meghan is certified by Balanced Body and trained by Maria Leone.

Valerie Idiart

Valerie Idiart, Pilates Instructor

Amalia Holl

Amalia Holl, Pilates Instructor

Amalia (pronounced like the movie Amelie with an "uh" on the end) was trained under the master herself, Maria Leone, and certified by Balanced Body. If she had a spirit animal, it would be a rescue dog - one that only had three legs, or one eye, or a bit of a weird thing going on with her ear (you know, when it doesn't quite stand up but doesn't quite lay flat either).

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Megan Hopkins

Megan Hopkins, Pilates Instructor

Megan fell in love with Pilates while relying on it to keep her body and mind healthy and happy throughout her professional dance and modeling career. She finally decided to go through teacher training with Maria at Bodyline in 2018 and couldn’t be happier with her decision. She loves sharing her love of movement and helping her clients feel great.

Meredith Alexander


A rock climber and former gymnast, Meredith loves the athleticism and grace of Pilates, which she incorporates into all her classes. Meredith has a Comprehensive Teaching Certificate from Balanced Body and was trained at Bodyline Pilates. 

Emma Bates


Emma Bates has a background in the Alexander and Feldenkrais method and Linklater breath work. Emmas workouts highly emphasize form and control.

Cindera Che


Cindera began teaching Pilates in 1987 in her down time from being a professional dancer. She specialized in working with mature adults and emphasizes her teaching on physical alignment, functional training and alleviation of faulty movement patterns. Cindera is also  certified in Redcord suspension training and NeuroKintic Therapy.