Private Sessions


Private Pilates Sessions for all body types. Professional mountaineer Dimitri Kermani

With the complete attention of an instructor, your progress will be that much faster than in a group setting. All of the apparatus will be used to design a program suited to your individual needs. Anyone requiring a rehabilitative approach to exercise is encouraged to start with a private session first.


Semi-private pilates private sessions. Build your strength while working with a partner.

The same service as Private Sessions but with two clients. We do not pair clients up with each other. It is recommended that you and your partner have similar goals for exercise.

Home Sessions

Pilates group classes in Beverly Hills, California. Strengthen your core. Improve your posture

We offer privates, duos, and small group sessions at your home or business. We can implement programs with or without equipment depending on your specific needs. Please contact the studio for more information.

Private Parties

Pilates in Beverly Hills, California. Strengthen your core, posture and overall health.

What better way to spend your party than for everyone to feel great inside and out! It has been proven that moving your body not only boosts your metabolism, but it also triggers endorphins, which improves your mental and physical well being. Throwing a Pilates party is the healthiest way to spend your celebration!  Bodyline provides private themed parties for all types of events and celebrations. Bodyline can personalize your Pilates experience. Kids Pilates parties integrate dance, fitness, yoga, Pilates, meditation and fun.

Pilates for Athletes

Pilates in Beverly Hills for professional athletes.

Pilates balances out the body for anyone who participates in sports which are by nature repetitive and one sided. The pilates apparatus

will challenge your balance and your less dominate side which will result in better performance. Because of it's emphasis on core strength, alignment and bio mechanics, professional athletes are turning to pilates

to enhance their performance, lengthen their longevity, and rehab post injury. Bodyline clients include NBA star LeBron James, Olympic snowboarder Louie Vito and professional BMX bike rider Corey Bohan.

Pre or Post Natal Pilates

Private Pilates Sessions for pre-post natal women. Pregnancy Pilates. Pilates while pregnant.

Pilates is the perfect choice of exercise during pregnancy because our main mantra is core strength. Keeping your abdominals, back muscles and pelvic floor muscles strong will support a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery. Pilates is also highly adaptable and low impact. Your pilates session will be modified according to trimester. There are contraindications for exercise and our staff is trained to give you a safe and effective workout. Post delivery- your core will slowly be re- awakened and your workouts will amp up. 

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24-Hour Cancellation Policy

Bodyline Pilates has a strict 24-hour cancelation policy for all pre-booked sessions. If you need to cancel a group or private session you must call or email our studio before 24-hours in-order to not be charged for your missed session.

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New Client Special

New to our Studio? Choose from 2 private sessions or 4 small group classes for $99. Call or email Bodyline today to book your appointment.

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Gift Certificates

It's always been a good idea to give the gift of HEALTH and

WELL-BEING with a Bodyline Pilates Gift Certificate.

Gift certificates are available for group and private sessions and can be purchased  in our studio . Contact us to learn more.

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